Red Tent Circle ~ Bear Dreaming Ceremony

Date Commencing:
Friday, 23-Aug-2019

Spaces Available:

THIS CIRCLE IS FULLY BOOKED. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations, please send us a message here: Email The Women's Hearth

You are invited to join us for a very special Red Tent Circle... 

Bear Dreaming Ceremony

The Bear has been honoured and revered by many cultures throughout history.  Bear has long been associated with shamanism, healing and the ability to synthesise the knowledge gathered in the earthly plane with the wisdom of the spirit realm. Bear energy is strong and protective; it defines and defends its territory. Think of the mother bear protecting her cubs; she has strong, clear boundaries and woe behold anyone who dares to cross them!

Bear also teaches us about the sovereignty of self-reliance, which means becoming deeply aware of our own needs and learning how to meet them. Bear is content with her own company and trusts her instincts without a doubt.

As we know, every year, wild bears retreat into a den or cave for a prolonged period of Winter sleep. For us, this is about creating an intentional sacred space for introspection, contemplation, rest, and deep nourishing sleep. Bear teaches us how to be silent and still so that we may receive higher guidance and inspiration; This quiet solitary space is also a time for Dreaming our lives into being; gestating our Soul’s desires so that they may become reality.

Emerging in Spring, the Bear is a symbol of renewal and rebirth, and many bears literally give birth to their cubs just before Spring. For us, there is an opportunity after a period of rest and reflection to bring forth our visions and dream-seeds ready for planting in the restored and fertile soil of our daily lives.

During this precious time of silence in the dark, we open ourselves to healing. Bear's method of healing is through the stilling of the mind and body, to enter the cave that leads to the unconscious where great refreshment and possibility are always waiting to emerge into consciousness. When we enter the cave we may be shown what it is that needs to be shed or released from our lives, what has been holding us back or impeding our forward progress. Mother Earth can take whatever we need to release and transform it into psychic compost on our behalf. She holds us, as she holds Bear, through our deep sleep.

In our Bear Dreaming Ceremony, we will be invoking these energies and symbols, inviting you to rest deeply in the arms of the Great Mother. All you have to do is enter the cave, surrender to the stillness and the dark, trusting that your experience will be the one that you need.

Date: Friday 23rd August 2019


6.00pm Arrive early for a soup supper

7.00pm - 9.30pm  Circle & Ceremony

10.00pm Red Tent Circle concludes

Venue: Wembley (street address given on registration)


$50 Waged ~ $40 Low Income ~ $30 Unwaged/Concession

includes soup supper, tea, circle/ceremony, cake & mulled wine.
Please pay the rate that best suits your circumstances.

Bookings & Payment:
Bookings and pre-payment are essential and places are limited to 16 women.
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